About Us

Analog-Precision is an Australian high-tech start-up dedicated to the art and science of sound reproduction. We are a like minded team of audio aficionados and engineers with a single goal in mind and that is to produce the best possible audio reproduction equipment and supply it to like minded individuals who don’t have to mortgage the house to own it ! We are not afraid to push the envelope using the latest technologies available with the aim of making it available to people with the same goals as us !

For the price some people pay for an exotic cable we are able to supply them with equipment that really makes a difference and not some perceived difference !

Why a multi-channel Preamplifier ?

A properly implemented active speaker system is always going to run rings around stereo separates. By design it just is ! No matter how much you spend on cables,specialized DAC’s, Amps, Preamps it can never compete with a fully integrated and properly implemented multi-channel active speaker design. Try as hard as you like, that special DAC architecture can never offer the same improvement to a passive speaker system in the same way a well designed active speaker can with the DAC’s used in the Ultimate-Preamplifier. There are just so many advantages using the Ultimate-Preamplifier in an active speaker environment compared to a plain old vanilla passive speaker system with it’s power hungry passive crossover network design and single amplifier having to drive all of the drivers !