Ultimate-Preamplifier 2 Pre-Order

We’ve learned a lot from building the original Ultimate Preamplifier and much of the feedback and suggestions from both users and our own experience has provided us with the impetus to improve on the original design yet again and incorporate many of the suggestions for improvements and enhancements into the Ultimate Preamplifier 2 and Ultimate Preamplifier Plus.  We have not spared any expense when it would add considerable value to the product as a whole ! We are so confident in this design that it would not be out of a place in a hi-end audio show mixing it with the best !

We’ve taken this design as far as we can without asking for any additional funding but in return we are now asking people to help us along to build this world class product by purchasing a Preamplifier  as part of a crowd source funded pre-order which will be run by ourselves to save costs rather than pay a third party. In return we offer a considerable discount on the retail price as well as to accept a reasonable lead time in the spirit of a crowd funded project.

To make this project viable we need to get funding for at least ten units otherwise anything less is not cost effective from our production house, so we are asking you to help make this product a reality and order a preamplifier today. As soon as we reach our crowd source funding goals then we can proceed to the next step and start getting production under way. We will keep the order page open for at least 2 months to allow people enough time to raise suitable funds.

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