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3 way with hypex SB acoustics and peerless

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Hi all
this is my system based on rPi3 (volumio) > Analog Precision DSP first generation with ES9028 > hypex NC252MP for peerless XLS10 / hypex NC250MP for Satori 16P / NC100HF for Satori BE

The sound is great !!!

Crossover points are like 100-120Hz LR4 betwin XLS and 16P and 2400Hz LR2 betwin 16P and BE.
There is Linkwitz transform on XLS10 and that's all, just a plain LR4 and 2LR.

And a couple pictures of building process.

Second set

And here is how I setup Linkwitz transform for Peerless XLS 10

Excellent job there Yoke. Nothing like doing it yourself better than the big names can do it.

Thanks Michael ;)

I'm thinking, maybe, to make some 4 way...but...just maybe...will see

Those do sound really, really nice ;)

By the way, I haven't  got any notification on email about your replay...


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