Author Topic: The worst case of anti-competitive behavior we have ever seen in this industry !  (Read 570 times)


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Thank you to one of our friends who sent us the complete mirror of stereonet website. We have it all now. Stereonet has nobbled their search engine so our friends can no longer look for the corruption carried out by the mods. Can't nobble this hard drive can we?. It has turned up some interesting things. Stay tuned.
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Just more censorship from the king of censors. Don't like the comment then delete the comment and ban the poster !! 

"Rude and disrespectful" :D LOL

The truth of the matter is stereonet has never been successful outside of Australia and the apparent success in Australia is now questionable in light of the activities above. Profiting out of playing one vendor off against another is not a viable business model and is abhorrent. If you had ever visited their UK forum before it was dismantled you would have seen that it was threadbare with little or no activity. Before the Asia forum was pulled it had no more than a dozen users online at the one time and this was purchased from an existing forum operator !! The entry into the US market has been a total flop and non existent too. If it wasn't for purchasing the databases off existing forum operators in NZ and Singapore the only way stereonet has managed to survive is off the back of fickle Aussies who put up with their crap !


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