Author Topic: I call StereoNET Changing of the Guard total BS !  (Read 256 times)

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I call StereoNET Changing of the Guard total BS !
« on: April 13, 2022, 06:06:22 PM »

I call BS on his claims. No remorse or apologies just blaming everyone else ! He didn't go far enough in changing the guard, because he should have volunteered to remove himself and allow someone else to take over who doesn't have ulterior motives. Changing the names of the mods and admins to "volunteers"? and calling it a "community" is just window dressing and does nothing to change the underlying militant culture with this forum.

I strongly believe that we need a Hifi community that is more receptive to local industry and supportive of local manufacturing jobs rather than overseas jobs facilitated by import junkies that proliferate on his forum. These are people who add no value to anything and seem to have higher priority than local product developers just because they are willing to pay a lot more. If he wants to call it a 'hifi community' then it needs to be treated as a 'hifi community' and not as a cash cow dressed up as a community forum.

Anytime anyone plugs their own products on his forum he pounces on them like a hawk and they get shown the door unless they are willing to pay, except for Elektra of course who appeared to have a lifetime free subscription without being an official sponsor. On the flip-side a well-known Chinese valve amp manufacturer who appears not to be a paying sponsor has already a 222 page thread with over 5500 posts ! Not only that, many forums such as ASR, diyaudio, WBT allow you to plug your own product or company without getting a private message asking you to pay up or have your website removed from your signature ! In my case I was completely shut down and the stereonet forum nobbled so any search for my product on his forum now takes a ridiculous amount of time and still does. It's still the same today so, so much for his "nurturing"?. Like I said it is all crap.

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Re: I call StereoNET Changing of the Guard total BS !
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2022, 11:03:46 AM »
Didn't last long has gone back to administrator....again. Must have been feeling emasculated....again. (of a man) deprived of his male role or identity.
"insecure, emasculated men"

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