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Audioweaver / Audio weaver tutorial request
« Last post by monotube on April 09, 2021, 10:44:09 PM »
The documentation on Audio weaver from the DSP concepts site is very extensive but somewhat dispersed especially for UPP users who want to limit themselves to modifying the crossover starting from your examples. Could you make a tutorial on how to edit a crossover?
I use Clio for all my measurements. Well worth paying the money for an engineered solution.

If you have spent your money on the UP then pay for decent software/hardware solution to do all your measurements.

Tks for the íntruction
In case, I want a better solution, ưith the use of 1n omni mic (Dayton, UMIC, ....), I can use the instruction from mminidsp web page ( )
But Is there a better way for measure driver delay ?
Wiki and Q&A / Re: Which remote?
« Last post by Tranquility Bass on April 01, 2021, 01:11:33 PM »
I bought a few from ebay and the cheaper plastic ones can sometimes have problems with the battery holder making bad contact. The more expensive metal ones seem to be reliable but smaller to handle. Both should work with the Preamp straight out of the box but there might be some setup procedure to change modes.

Wiki and Q&A / Re: Which remote?
« Last post by MichaelH on March 31, 2021, 12:27:25 AM »
I got an apple genuine remote. Works fine but it may not work straight out of the packet. Mine didn't.

There is a sequence you can use to change the code on the new ones to switch between the various apple remote versions, but for the life of me I cannot remember it. Dave may have it tucked away somewhere.
Wiki and Q&A / Which remote?
« Last post by monotube on March 29, 2021, 08:34:35 PM »
Which remote do you suggest?
Wiki and Q&A / How to install the 2-channel USB Amanero drivers
« Last post by Tranquility Bass on March 29, 2021, 12:28:28 AM »
All of our preamps are fitted with an Amanero 2-channel USB interface adaptor. For Mac users there is nothing more to do to communicate with this device. However for PC users they will need to install the relevant drivers to be able to send digital audio to the Preamp.

Please visit the Amanero website to download and install the relevant drivers on your PC by visiting
As a start the first thing you could do is to physically measure the difference in height between the center of the diaphragms although this is only a rough guide because the acoustic center may not exactly coincide with the actual tip of the dust cap. The speaker driver that is the most recessed in is the one you would use as a zero delay reference (usually the woofer). The other drivers that protrude above the reference needs to be delayed based on how much it protrudes. Lets say it protrudes by DX meters with respect to the woofer, then the time delay DT needed to be applied can be calculated by:-

DT = DX / c where DX is the displacement offset between drivers in meters and c is the speed of sound which 345 m/s at T=20 degrees C.

Once you calculate DT then you can calculate the delay in steps of sample rate interval needed by Audioweaver which in the case of the UP is 1/fsr or 1/192000 (roughly 5uS steps)

Therefore the number of sample delay steps you program into audioweaver is:-

sample delay = DT * fsr = DT *192000

For example say the delay offset between the woofer and midrange is 5 cm ie DT= 0.05 / 345 = 145 uS

sample delay = DT * 192000 = 27.82 rounded to 28 !!

Now, once you have come up with a first approximation of the delays, then to come up with a more exact figure will be tricky and it will be more relevant for the higher frequency drivers where the wavelength compares to the physical offset. So it is much more critical with the differences in offset between midranges and tweeters than it is for the woofers.
Maybe I will receive the ultimate preamp on 2nd, April. I want to prepare about data on delay .
I want to got a linear phase on my active 5 ways speaker system. But I don`t know how to measure delay (time ) between drivers in the sdelay. with REW software and micro. (software from Dayton )
Ccould you you show me or give me link about how to measure delay between drivers on one speaker, so that we can set delay exactly delay for that driver ?
Tks alot
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