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Feature Requests / Re: Phono input
« Last post by monotube on September 27, 2023, 06:31:49 PM »
New request for phono input:
I have also a tonearm with mono cartridge with only one channel wired: is it possible to get the mono signal ( only one channel wired ) playing both the speakers?

Many thanks
The so called local Australian distributor of this brand of equipment didn't even have the decency to even phone me back after someone approached them on my behalf (and against my wishes too !) Instead the same distributor proceeds to promote the 2-channel versions of this same brand of equipment ! That's what working hard gets you in Australia. You don't even get a phone call back from a speaker company that prides itself on Australian made. No doubt the owner of stereonet had some negative contribution to this as well.

Even when I minded my own business and canvassed my wares on diyaudio I ended up being distracted by the local mobs and drawn into their vortex of deceit and which caused me nothing but trouble from the outset. ☹ Am I sour grapes ? Yes and no but for anyone reading this, just know what you are getting yourself into when you embark on a major electronics design project in this country. If anything focus on getting it overseas and do not be distracted by the local mobs ☹ Anyone reading this please don't make the same mistakes I did !
A pile of pressed metal junk just like a cheap Chinese PC case. And they want $16000 for that! If a cat jumped on it, it would bend.

All very typical of Australian HiFi dealers and importers who contribute nothing to the Australian economy. These importers are nothing buy money exporters.
The Dark Room / Re: The Australian Tesla killer that never was
« Last post by Tranquility Bass on September 08, 2023, 10:46:04 AM »
That's what they do here :(

"Hard Road for EV Pioneer"

Mr Blade's challenges have been taken up in federal parliament by DLP Senator John Madigan. Senator Madigan asked Minister for Innovation Kim Carr why General Motors Holden, a benefi ciary of $140 million in government green car funding, was withholding vehicles from Blade while supplying them to Better Place, a company he called ?predominantly foreign owned?.
Mr Carr denied GMH was withholding vehicles and said it was not a matter the government would involve itself in directly....


I have tried, It's perfect. Tks David
Nguyễn Phương
I reversed the channels at the input in Audioweaver. Later on I will add it to the Preamp and make it accessible from the menu ;)


Hi. David.
 In case my system need to swap between left and right channel. How can I do this with Audiowaever. ( for exampe: Piano must be on the left, but now, I hear the piano play on the right speaker).
Tks Nguyễn Phương
Audioweaver / Re: Audioweaver License
« Last post by Tranquility Bass on August 25, 2023, 09:08:28 PM »
No, not that I can tell at least.

Can you email me your customer details at

Audioweaver / Re: Audioweaver License
« Last post by KingKleft49 on August 22, 2023, 10:15:14 PM »
No, not that I can tell at least.
Happy 4000 views.

Hi Marc.
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