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Yet another one comes out of the woodwork. Old davewantsmoore throwing his 2 cents worth in. Here is another guy who can't read a full technical review and come to a conclusion that one product far outperforms another. This is typical of Rushtons little band of gay men. You can tell he knows bugger all as he has said the performance of the UP2 is similar to miniDSP, but if you look at the results on ASR test of miniDSP and compare that to the test results on here, you will see for yourself that the UP2 far outperforms the miniDSP. But poor old Dave doesn't know that because he can't interpret test results.

As for Audiogeek he is recommending a product that isn't anywhere near a release date, has no testing done anywhere to verify its any better than the last piece of rubbish they have been peddling and has never even been heard to date. This is the the type of guy that hangs out on forums, puts his 2 cents worth in without realising inflation has devalued his opinion by 90%. Rushton up to his old tricks again getting his bottom feeders to run other products into the ground. Thats what I love about stereonet, it's great for a laugh when their leader claims to have an engineering degree in both mechanical and electronics but does no testing of any product he reviews. None of these commenters have even heard the UP but they appear to have an expert opinion. These are Rushtons experts. He will do anything to crush people who won't pay him for a mere mention of his forum. If you believe anything that comes out their mouths you get what you deserve. Experts????


I wonder if Rushton will inform the Victoria Police and have me charged with a criminal offence because I used a carriage service to say that he couldn't design an amplifier?

But he might call the Thought Police and have me arrested for thinking too much because the last thing you want to do in this country is to think too much and invent and manufacture things because you deny importers their pound of flesh and you know that you can't have that can you !! This is what happens when you try and do what I have done here in this country:-

The reason it hasn't been done to the extent you have is because they can't DO IT. Those that can do, those that can't don't. That tosser Joz had the hide to say in that PM to me Arthur has a product on the market and you don't. Because there is no way Arthur could steal from DIYAUDIO everything needed to do what you have done. Your measurements prove that you have a world class product. There are hundreds of amplifiers on the market. Why? Because any engineer worth his salt (Except Rushton) can build an amplifier. They are like COCKroaches. And why would anyone compete in that space when Purifi have nailed it for $400? Because they cannot do anything else. DEQX keeps putting back their release date. I wonder if they will release a full set of test figures to the extent you have done. There isn't a single HIFI manufacturer I could find anywhere that has tested and released their figures to the extent you have done. That says it all right there.

Just another opportunity taken to slag you off by people who think fuses increase the sound stage, cable risers improve the midrange, a $5000 rack increases the nuance of the music to a level never heard before. Give me a break. 

I wonder if Rushton will inform the Victoria Police and have me charged with a criminal offence because I used a carriage service to say that he couldn't design an amplifier?


You have no way to defend yourself on his forum because if you stand up to him and his denial bullshit he bans you just like he did with me when one of his mods offered me cheap Elektra amplifiers and denied it after I sent him the proof. He doesn't mind kicking you when you're down and has demonstrated this on many occasions. That's just who the guy is.

I think AudioGeek is a bit of a piss ant loser who took an opportunity to get a kick in for him. It's a pity he didn't have something truthful and constructive to contribute. He's a bit of a bullshit artist too by multiplying "one" to "some".

I was just having a dig around as to who this AudioGeek dude is and this is what I found. Has owned both Elektra and Red Spade gear in the past so I am not surprised with his attitude towards me. These are two dudes that I have had issues in the past with and not through any fault of my own. They are monumental time wasters and game players. I was just minding my own business whilst getting sucked into their web of deceit. One was a perennial phone caller over five or more years abusing my relationship with him so he could get free information from me whilst holding back on everything he knew. The other one's partner wasted my time over a period of 12 months wanting me to build a DEQX work-a-like for him at great expense to myself  and when I finally had the germ of a prototype ready to test with his horn speaker system, he totally squibbed it and ran away. Probably if I had of tested it with his system I would have picked up the problem with it that got carried through with the later gen1 preamp which was subsequently corrected in the gen 2 Preamps :( But no not with these guys. They do nothing except throw roadblocks in front of you. :(

These people call themselves "entrepreneurs" but are anything but entrepreneurs. They have no concept of risk and place ridiculous expectations on others who are expected to take on huge amounts of risk whilst they risk nothing themselves and expect to take most of the reward which is quite a common theme in Australia. There are a few others I have dealt with who have engaged in this type of activity too. They go around with begging bowls wanting major designs done for them with virtually no money down. Ironically, they charge top dollar for their own products. I hate to be a whistle-blower for these types but I have seen it all before in other businesses so this AudioGeek dude needs to get his facts straight before throwing stones in glass houses. He needs to try his own hand at a design like this and then he can criticize.
The Dark Room / Re: Good to see 'Australian Hifi' take back the Hifi Show ;)
« Last post by MichaelH on September 12, 2022, 07:51:57 PM »
Very sneaky and sly of him to try and get his Sydney show in 4 weeks before the Australian HiFi Show Sydney 2023 bought to you by What Hi-Fi. An organisation with integrity that doesn't stab it's advertisers and sponsors in the back and play them off against each other. Just ask BusiSoft about that one.

But that's just who the guy is, we know that.
The Dark Room / Good to see 'Australian Hifi' take back the Hifi Show ;)
« Last post by Tranquility Bass on September 12, 2022, 05:18:20 PM »
Hopefully we will see them back in Melbourne too ;)

See if you can find this on stereonet ? I almost missed it when I was reading the latest "Australian Hifi' mag and then I had to read the full page spread a few times to realize that Dennis the menace had nothing to do with it ;)

However note the date on stereonet. 1 month before the Aus-Hifi show in Sydney ;)

Check it out. Seems the stereonet website looks a bit more crippled than at first glance. Try finding all of the posts of a particular user from their profile and you can't seem to get past the first page of search results and it doesn't matter who it is either.

However google is your friend here. Lets find all of the posts by user joz that also contains the brand 'elektra' which apparently is not an official sponsor. We enter the following " joz AND elektra" into the google search engine or simply enter it in the address bar and we find there are no end to the results. Not bad for someone who isn't a paid up sponsor ;)

How to get new sponsors.

Love Bombing: Definition, Signs, & What to Do

Love bombing refers to intense emotions, affection, and admiration someone gives to another person in a relationship. Love bombing can happen at any stage of a relationship, but it?s more common when two people first meet. While all this attention may seem flattering, it can be dangerously manipulative. Some people use this tactic to gain trust and build intimacy quickly.

You quickly learn however they are a Narcissistic Sociopath.
Just to add:-

11. Surrounds themselves with sycophants and Yes men.
10 Signs of a Narcissistic Sociopath

A narcissistic sociopath (also called a narcopath or malignant narcissist) has both disorders and is considered one of the most dangerous and psychologically disturbed kinds of people.1,2,3 Their complete lack of empathy or regard for the feelings or needs of other people makes them much more likely to act out behaviors that most people would consider wrong, bad, or even evil.4

Unlike classic narcissists, sociopathic narcissists are not only driven by their own self-interest. Some experts believe that narcissistic sociopaths are sadistic, and derive pleasure or satisfaction from the suffering of other people.1,2 This makes them less predictable and also more dangerous than classic narcissists, as they may deceive, exploit, or harm someone even when there is nothing for them to ?gain? from doing so.

1. They Live In a Deluded Reality
2. They Are Obsessed With Power & Control
3. They Take Advantage of & Use Other People
4. They Have No Moral Boundaries
5. They Have a Limited Range of Emotions
6. They Have a Huge Discard Pile
7. They Become Hostile When Threatened
8. They Feed Off of Negative Energy
9. They Get Bored Easily
10. They Are Empty Inside

Final Thoughts on Narcissistic Sociopaths
Narcissistic sociopaths are people who demonstrate traits of both narcissistic and antisocial personality disorders. People with this combination of traits and tendencies lack empathy and often behave in ways that are abusive or exploitative.1,3 Knowing the signs of a narcissistic sociopath can help you identify people with these dangerous traits so you can avoid interactions and protect yourself from their destructive impulses.

Amply demonstrated in everything about him.

StereoNET?s Founder and Publisher, born in UK and raised on British Hi-Fi before moving to Australia where he worked as an Engineer in both the audio and mechanical fields.

I would like to see his ENGINEERING DEGREES. I think this may be a porky. You need to have an Engineering Degree to call yourself an Engineer otherwise you are nothing more than a LIAR.
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