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Amazing stuff Dave. Once again something that DEQX or Trinov cannot do.

And once again the test figures are published.

Yes with one external stereo DAC with an S/PDIF Optical or Coaxial Input you can easily add an additional two channels to the existing 8-channel line-up for a total of 10 channels of DSP processing. This saves on having to buy an additional preamp to get an extra two channels !!

This setup would typically be used with an existing stereo 4-way speaker system along with an additional two subwoofers to form a stereo 5-way system. Here is a simple Audioweaver setup that implements a 5-way crossover using the dedicated Audioweaver crossover block to do this ;)

For the external DAC I used my trusty EE-MU404 external USB sound interface which also doubles as a stereo DAC that can accept either Toslink or Coax S/PDIF inputs. Because of the maximum sampling rate of the S/PDIF input on the EE-MU404 is 96kHz I had to reduce the internal processing DSP sampling rate to 96kHz however other DAC's maybe able to handle the full 192kHz sampling rate the UP is capable of.

Here are the frequency response measurements from the dScope III using a Toslink feed from the dScopeIII ;) You can use your DAC level control to trim the level or if it doesn't have one you can easily set the level from within Audioweaver ;) The external DAC level can be made to track the master volume automatically so no need to manually adjust the DAC level control when you change the master volume on the Preamplifer. It's all done transparently ;)

News Updates / Re: Unusual timing for DEQX anniversary sale !!
« Last post by David Samborsky on October 23, 2020, 01:27:07 PM »
Anyway the offer is still open to Mr Rushton to come on here to defend himself instead of threatening me with lawyers :(
News Updates / Re: Unusual timing for DEQX anniversary sale !!
« Last post by MichaelH on October 23, 2020, 08:19:32 AM »
I think you should offer the owner of stereonet the right to come on this forum and debate your post above. I think he will be a no show and will use his usual threats of legal action against anything he doesn't like as DEFAMATORY. There is no way he will show up where he has no control over what is posted. He will probably say this is defamatory.

I know posts wont be deleted or edited here and that would frighten the hell out him.

The offer should also be open to DEQX for that matter. I'd love to see DEQX come on here, that would be neat. Lets have a shoot out UP v DEQX. The UP test figures are already on here for all to see. There isn't a manufacturer that posts test results to the extent that Analog Precision have. You have to go to secondary sites like to get proper test figures. Kudos to AP for having the balls to do this, nothing to hide here. SO lets put DEQX on the bench and do some real number crunching and see where they end up, somewhere near miniDSP I suspect which only costs 80 bucks. But unless they show up to the party anything is purely conjecture.

Performance and Measurements / Re: DAC - Jitter Tests
« Last post by MichaelH on October 21, 2020, 11:53:06 AM »
That DEQX truly is rubbish. especially for the asking price.
News Updates / Re: Unusual timing for DEQX anniversary sale !!
« Last post by David Samborsky on October 20, 2020, 09:17:44 AM »
Well what can I say. I guess I didn't pay my sponsorship to stereonet and this is the result :(

But jokes aside, this sounds like a case of anti-competitive behaviour. I wonder if the ACCC would be interested in looking into this because it is not the first time this has happened to me.

Not only that, there was a flurry of DEQX users on my diyaudio page that I had never seen before at the time of the pre-order putting a negative slant on my product :(

Essentially what this does is send the industry back 20 years because it is an attempt at stifling or suppressing a startup whilst promoting and favouring a vendor that sells outdated technology !

I think it comes under this category.

Anti-competitive conduct

Section 45 of the Competition and Consumer Act prohibits contracts, arrangements, understandings or concerted practices that have the purpose, effect or likely effect of substantially lessening competition in a market, even if that conduct does not meet the stricter definitions of other anti-competitive conduct such as cartels. A number of factors are considered by the courts to reach a decision:

Misuse of market power

A business with a substantial degree of power in a market is not allowed to engage in conduct that has the purpose, effect or likely effect of substantially lessening competition in a market. This behaviour is referred to as ‘misuse of market power’. It is not illegal to have, or to seek to obtain market power by offering the best products and services.

News Updates / Re: Unusual timing for DEQX anniversary sale !!
« Last post by MichaelH on October 20, 2020, 08:34:33 AM »
They have to sell it that cheap as it is a very old piece of crap and that is all its worth. This would explain why the Kyron Audio room at RMAF in 2018 sounded so bad. Its run by DEQX.

No one in their right mind would buy that. And to do a 4 way active you need 2 of them.

Its no conspiracy theory there is collusion afoot. As we have seen before.

That has always been the trouble with the Australian HIFI scene. Pit one against the other while the imports get away scott free.

Fortunately there is no comparison between the 2 products.
News Updates / Unusual timing for DEQX anniversary sale !!
« Last post by David Samborsky on October 20, 2020, 07:46:57 AM »
This story is about one year old and wasn't apparent to me at the time until later when someone had alerted me to it. This is just another one of the many crap situations I have had to deal with since I started this project. In fact I could easily write a book about all of the crap situations and experiences I have had to deal with and the irony is that they have all originated from here within Australia :(

Check it out !! Slap bang right in the middle of our pre-order period around August 2019 last year, DEQX along with their mates at stereonet all of a sudden decided to offer a 21st anniversary sale !!

What a coincidence or more likely a conspiracy !! :(

I mean what commercial organization celebrates a 21st anniversary whilst at the same time offering a significant discount on a competing product that they have never offered before ?? Same old story wheeled out once again about an old sampling keyboard that has been flogged to death !! A bit like the old Hills Hoist !! Probably just a rouse to justify offering a discount to try and steal customers away from us at a critical time :(

20th anniversary I could understand but 21st anniversary ?? What commercial vendors do 21st anniversaries ?? Maybe I have lived a sheltered life but why not a 22nd anniversary during Covid-19 when things are much quieter ? Makes much more sense  but not a peep out of them. Wonder what they will do for a 25th anniversary or maybe they will wait for my next pre-order ? That should be interesting. My guess is that with the same old stagnating DSP hardware it won't belong before the product they are flogging is relegated to the same status as their old keyboard. ;)

However, jokes aside, don't be fooled by all of the hype. What they didn't tell you in the sales blurb and what you won't read in their lame reviews is that DEQX is truly a lightweight DSP platform and its DSP technology is archaic from the mid 90's. I mean what can you possibly achieve with two 66MHz DSP's each capable of a meager 687 multiply accumulates (taps) per sample at 96KHz - and that is the DSP doing nothing else ? In fact the original DEQX had only one DSP and ran at 48kHz before they doubled the sampling rate and gave it a lick of paint and dressed it up in a high-end enclosure :D LOL By the time you take away the resources used to implement the high slope linear phase crossover filters, time delays and parametric room EQ there isn't really much meat left on the bone to do anything else useful in terms of convolution filtering or even FFT's !! The frequency resolution must be terrible. In fact click here to checkout the comparison between the UP and the DEQX to see why DEQX is a dinosaur from the past ;)

Also don't be fooled by the so called group delay correction sounding "so much better".  It's easy to create an FIR filter that apparently sounds different or better. Just take a unit impulse and increase its magnitude by 2 or more dB and all of a sudden - wallah you have a level increase masquerading as an FIR filter !! And when you do the A-B comparison doesn't the sound-stage sound so much bigger and the instruments sound so much more life like ?? However with on-axis correction what you gain on the swings you could easily lose on the round-abouts with more sophisticated correction filters that DEQX can generate.  As Grim Audio pointed out in their excellent paper on speakers  is that it is easy to correct the response on-axis but it is what happens off-axis that things can get totally screwed-up. Unless you have your head stuck in a vice there is no free lunch here. Also how can you guarantee the so called close mic placement mimics the far-field acoustic response ? Test it with a square wave outside in a football field or in an an-echoic chamber and see what happens ;) I can almost guarantee it does not and most people will never see the true result. What they will see are the canned before and after responses which have little or no bearing to the practical in-room response. In fact John Dunlavy used to test 11 feet away where the drivers would integrate correctly but they were fairly big speakers using first order crossovers. Now DEQX would try and optimize the speaker at 1 meter away :( Things are much more complicated in a multi-way non coincident speaker system than DEQX would like you to know and it makes much more sense to use this in a very large auditorium or in a pro-audio environment than in a small room. The only issue is they know that most people don't own an an-echoic chamber or live near a footy field to really verify the results.  Also what effect does the room have in screwing up the speaker anyway ? So much for all of the near field group-delay correction !! You may end up with something worse now that the off-axis response has been compromised :(

And lastly if DEQX was so good then the owner of stereonet would still be using one in his stereo system today. He doesn't and sold it long ago !!

And yes we can do all of this with the UP and even more with the UP+ using external DSP capability from PC hardware. We give the user plenty of rope to swing on but that rope can easily be used to hang yourself with !!


News Updates / UP Extensive Measurements now available !
« Last post by David Samborsky on October 20, 2020, 06:59:36 AM »
The Latest test results and measurements from our Lab show the Ultimate-Preamplifer 2/+ meets or exceeds its design objectives by a huge margin ! Click here to view more.

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