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If you want to use the Preamp as a 2 channel Preamp or DAC you need to make sure it is not running an Audioweaver Script otherwise it will always default to 8-channel operation and you won't be able to select any of the 2-channel modes. If you have a AWE script already loaded the best way is to delete the script through the front panel menu or you can do it in the Audioweaver Flash Manager. See this doc for more info

At that sort of money it looks more like a business investment to me ;) And now he is just a member or volunteer apparently :D  Anyone else would have been permanently banned years ago and yet the two mods are still there just with a different coat of paint :( Just look at what happened to me. I got banned, removed from the aussie made manufacturers list, and the only thread related to my product is vanquished, and his website forum is nobbled so it takes ages to do a search on anything related to my product :( And this is all my fault of course because he has done no wrong. And to add insult to injury he came at me with his lawyers trying desperately to shut down this forum and hide all of its content from the public. You just can't make this stuff up. Welcome to Australia this is how they do it and why they wax lyrical about the old "Hills Hoist" !

Well stere0get has certainly got their hands full with the cable debacle now. That's what happens when you play favourites and back the wrong horse because you think it is going to pay you more ;)

Still plugging away at Elektra for free. Demotion hasn't done anything. We really need an ALL AUSTRALIAN FORUM that promotes Australian talent and content as well as manufacturers rather than a forum that just serves the sole purposes of one persons greed. Allowing the Australian HiFi industry to be held to ransom by paying exorbitant ridiculous fees, being blocked, banned and censored for expressing an opinion that differs from the forum owners aligned industry content, well this has to end and end soon. Someone please start up something that will support the Australian industry especially the start ups.


This might explain it ! What do they say ? Money talks and BS walks ;)


Ok OzHifi is open for business and I am it's first customer !! And I suggest everyone who takes themselves seriously as a prospective HiFi manufacturer in this country get out from behind the couch and sign up and help make this forum your own !

Check it out ;)

Still plugging away at Elektra for free. Demotion hasn't done anything. We really need an ALL AUSTRALIAN FORUM that promotes Australian talent and content as well as manufacturers rather than a forum that just serves the sole purposes of one persons greed. Allowing the Australian HiFi industry to be held to ransom by paying exorbitant ridiculous fees, being blocked, banned and censored for expressing an opinion that differs from the forum owners aligned industry content, well this has to end and end soon. Someone please start up something that will support the Australian industry especially the start ups.

We are working on it ;)


I suggest every aussie and NZ manufacture who is reading this to get on board with this new forum or end up becoming part of australian history and another failed aussie manufacturer statistic as so many before them have.

Every aussie and NZ manufacturer is listed there waiting for authorization from each entity to enable their own individual forum and payment is not due till 12 months after signing up and it will be very competitive and not the SNA ripoff prices that have discouraged so many to date.

As well there is a section for aussie and NZ hifi dealers but these are not listed by default. Hopefully some relationships will be developed between manufacturers and dealers thus supporting local jobs ;)


Its rife over there. Yet another Aussie manufacturer shafted by moderators playing favouritism. Geoff at Aurealis Audio has been shit on by the mods. He mustn't have paid up.

Like myself he mustn't have paid his protection money to the SNA coffers and so they just ignored him and propped up someone else who they thought was a sure bet but has turned out to be unreliable. Just another example of SNA favouring paid-up mediocrity :(


Performance and Measurements / Re: Ultimate Preamp vs DEQX
« on: June 08, 2022, 10:34:20 AM »
That was a wasted opportunity to show case a new product producing good sound through some already half reasonable speakers, that's if it was working of course which it appears not to be. When I first saw those photos I thought straight away why have they got that old rig running for ? I mean it was a cheesy demo that could have easily been setup using a minidsp running Dirac. Seriously no one is going to pay 5-7k to fix up a $150 speaker which no doubt cannot possibly fix up all of the non-linearities or get it to reproduce reference standard bass down to 20Hz at a reasonable SPL and distortion. it just won't happen ! You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear !

It's no mean feat to pull a new product like this off. First you have to map out the hardware design and using all new chips including a new micro/DSP means there is something you are going to leave off or make wiring mistakes on the schematic. Very easy to do which means reworking the PCB or even worse redoing another PCB or PCB's until you have got the hardware right. Then there is laying out the PCB with high pin count BGA devices, most likely having to use at least a 6-layer or more PCB and if you are mixing analog with digital on the same board then you better know what you are doing because it is easy to screw up. If you are using an ARM core and interfacing to DDR memory then you'd hope the PCB designer has experience with that because that is one thing that is easy to screw up with impedance and trace length matching so good luck with that !

It is possible they are using off the shelf hardware such as raspberry pi and just interfacing it to all of the peripheral audio chips, LCD etc in which case that would be a lot of work saved but you still have to write all of the firmware which is another huge undertaking. This may explain what they were able to demonstrate with no audio processing.

Then there is all of the software written for the PC application running under Windows which is a huge undertaking by itself I Plus there is the mechanical design which is another person on the job who knows what they are doing !

This is at least a five year job just to get to a working prototype if you had to start from scratch and probably no less than a five man team. Fortunately I was able to do the UP all by myself over a few years with only three board revisions which all worked btw with little or no board mods 😉

What is even more interesting about this is DEQX have canned their old line of junk before they have the new one sorted. I have sent emails asking when the new one will be due but I get no response. Nothing to sell here, move along. I guess they are finding out its really hard to design a product with class leading specs, not enough talent in house to do it. Kyron have nothing to release, unless they have stock of the old shit. But.....why would you buy the Gay-ear with old outdated electronics? Are they promising an upgrade when the new crap becomes available? Will DEQX release the bench testing figures? Would they be willing to put one up to be independently tested? I doubt it.

And this is probably why ! They have been exposed selling an inferior product and are now playing catch-up games !!

This story is about two years old and wasn't apparent to me at the time until later when someone had alerted me to it. This is just another one of the many disappointing situations I have had to deal with since I started this project. In fact I could easily write a book about all of the crap situations and experiences I have had to deal with and the irony is that they have all originated from here within Australia :(

Check it out !! Slap bang right in the middle of our pre-order period around August 2019 last year on , DEQX along with their mates at stereonet all of a sudden decided to offer a 21st anniversary sale !!

What a coincidence or more likely a conspiracy !! :(

I mean what commercial organization celebrates a 21st anniversary whilst at the same time offering a significant discount on a competing inferior product that they have never offered before ?? Same old story wheeled out once again about an old sampling keyboard that has been flogged to death !! A bit like the old Hills Hoist !! Probably just a rouse to justify offering a discount to try and steal customers away from us at a critical time :(

20th anniversary I could understand but 21st anniversary ?? What commercial vendors do 21st anniversaries ?? Maybe I have lived a sheltered life but why not a 22nd anniversary during Covid-19 when things are much quieter ? Makes much more sense  but not a peep out of them. Wonder what they will do for a 25th anniversary or maybe they will wait for my next pre-order ? That should be interesting. My guess is that with the same old stagnating DSP hardware it won't belong before the product they are flogging is relegated to the same status as their old keyboard. ;) (PS Apparently DEQX have been working on a new product offering but have not heard any news about it yet.)

And lastly if DEQX was so good then the owner of stereonet would still be using one in his stereo system today. He doesn't and sold it long ago !! (Edit - And yet the owner of stereonet threatened me with legal action if I did not withdraw this comment - why ??) It's one thing trying to steal customers away from a prospective start-up during its critical phase but it's another trying to do kill off a progressively new product whilst keeping a very old outdated and mediocre product alive ! It's called anti-competitive behavior and there are laws designed to protect businesses against this sort of nefarious behaviour !

If you are a local aussie hifi manufacturer my suggestion is to avoid stereonet like the plague and if you read the other threads in this section you will see why ! Why pay $2,000 a year only to have a single forum buried among many others when as soon as you stop paying that thread and all of its posts disappear into the ether. Surely this is not the behaviour of a "hifi community" but   nothing more than a glorified advertising platform designed to make lots of money for its owners whilst using the members as its captive audience who are very limited in what they can post. And if that means destroying a prospective local hifi manufacturer along the way then be it ! Avoid !


Hi David,
Any plans for lower cost modular option ?

I'm building new pair of loudspekaers, active witn hypex mcXXXmp amplifiers.

For me, it would be great if I could place DSP inside loudspeaker cabinet.
So I would need two DSP boards, one for left and one for right channel ;)

Hypex have some 3 way DSP solution (FA series) but thay are not high end as yours.

Olso, it would be great to have some option for presets.
So that we dom't have to use audioweaver every time we would like to "hear" or compare two diferent setings...not to mention licence for it...;)

Any way, I know how much work and time you invest into those, thay are high end products but it would be great to hove something that is more affordable for "normal" diyer.

I think that now days active sistems are great solition as we have more and more good and low cost amplofiers and drivers but we are limited with DSP solution.

I belive that you know how to make good product, and maybe to produce raedy made main DSP boards with kit option (PCB with or without parts) for diy (power supply and output boards or so).

Sorry for bad english ;)

Best regards

Hi Josip

Yes I have plans for a very high cost option for an international speaker builder but not a low cost one at the moment.

Having said that, at one stage I did contemplate on moving manufacturing to China to take advantage of economies of scale and locality to produce a much lower cost Preamp but because of covid the plans were scuttled :(

I understand your need to switch different Audioweaver configs and many others have inquired about this ability but am not sure if DSP Concepts has implemented this ability yet.

It might be worth revisiting the DSP board offering again but have a single board solution where all of the connectors are mounted on the same board rather than scattered across multiple daughter boards but with a greatly reduced feature set.


Performance and Measurements / Re: Ultimate Preamp vs DEQX
« on: April 24, 2022, 08:26:52 PM »
Kyron have updated their Gay-ear. With no new offerings from DEQX they must still be using that old klunker from above. I don't know how they can claim what they do about sound quality when the DEQX performs as bad as it does. That sine wave is truly shit. I don't see how Kyron can charge $250k+ when the electronics they are selling with the loudspeaker is as terrible as what the measurements above show.

“There's a sucker born every minute.”
-- P. T. Barnum

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe their latest incarceration is a rehash of the same electronics they used before with some very minor changes. I believe they are still using the old legacy 96kHZ DEQX design with the old outdated Analog-Devices ADSP21065L 66MHz SHARC DSP, same DAC's and ADC's as before so therefore expect to measure the same as shown above from the Stereophile review. From what I can see most of the changes are only cosmetic ! Be-careful with FIR filtering and high-slope linear-phase crossover designs as the off-axis response can suffer if the on-axis response is highly optimized and there are differences in directivity or timing between drivers in the off-axis in which case the ripple in the impulse response of the high and low filters will not properly cancel out and this can produce an objectionable pre and post ringing in the off-axis impulse response even though the on axis response is perfectly ok with no ringing which kind of negates the claim of no "cabinet resonances" !!


"One has a retail product in the market the other is still trying"

Well we can now see how he does it, without ever having a website and why would he ? Reading that is a bit like entering a one legged man into a butt kicking competition and then later complaining to everyone why he had no chance of winning ! That's how Arthur and his mates work - they make sure you never get a foot in the door and then later criticize you for it :(

It’s ironic that Elektra and his foot soldiers on stereonet wanted to leverage off my hard work by selling his amps to you but when I was taking hundreds of his calls over a 7 year period, not once did he invite me to any of his public demos or ever mentioned any of his dealers either past or present. I had to find this out from a google search or by someone mentioning it on a public forum etc and yet here he is trying to muscle in off the back of a customer of mine who has bought one of my products and this joz dude has a cheek to make that comment. Who the hell are these people ?? And I'm still waiting for that phone call from joz to inquire about the preamp. Waiting…waiting…waiting… ;)

From the hundreds of phone calls I took from Arthur of Elektra over a 7 year period I only ever had one enquiry from one of Arthur’s contacts who wasted my time over a 12 month period and ended up being a tyre kicker. That’s all I got from Arthur and his mates. Ironically his phones calls always started with “Sorry to trouble you…” and ended up with “when you’re ready…” and the conversation was always about him wanting to know something and I was his free advisory service but at the same time holding back on everything he knew, a true aussie entrepreneur he called himself. In the end I cut him off and refused to take anymore of his nuisance phone calls and I suggest others do the same ☹

The problem here in this country is the whole industry is about personalities and not about what you can produce or how good you make it. Unless you are part of their club you simply won't be accepted here no matter how good you are. Because of this the imports keep winning out :(

The Dark Room / I call StereoNET Changing of the Guard total BS !
« on: April 13, 2022, 06:06:22 PM »

I call BS on his claims. No remorse or apologies just blaming everyone else ! He didn't go far enough in changing the guard, because he should have volunteered to remove himself and allow someone else to take over who doesn't have ulterior motives. Changing the names of the mods and admins to "volunteers"? and calling it a "community" is just window dressing and does nothing to change the underlying militant culture with this forum.

I strongly believe that we need a Hifi community that is more receptive to local industry and supportive of local manufacturing jobs rather than overseas jobs facilitated by import junkies that proliferate on his forum. These are people who add no value to anything and seem to have higher priority than local product developers just because they are willing to pay a lot more. If he wants to call it a 'hifi community' then it needs to be treated as a 'hifi community' and not as a cash cow dressed up as a community forum.

Anytime anyone plugs their own products on his forum he pounces on them like a hawk and they get shown the door unless they are willing to pay, except for Elektra of course who appeared to have a lifetime free subscription without being an official sponsor. On the flip-side a well-known Chinese valve amp manufacturer who appears not to be a paying sponsor has already a 222 page thread with over 5500 posts ! Not only that, many forums such as ASR, diyaudio, WBT allow you to plug your own product or company without getting a private message asking you to pay up or have your website removed from your signature ! In my case I was completely shut down and the stereonet forum nobbled so any search for my product on his forum now takes a ridiculous amount of time and still does. It's still the same today so, so much for his "nurturing"?. Like I said it is all crap.

Looks like an excellent improvement! Will there be any other changes to the card?

Mainly the ADC is the biggest upgrade otherwise everything else is the same ;)


On the drawing board is our next Revision(D) of the main DSP board which now features an upgraded ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) from the existing 24 bit TI part to the Flagship ES9822PRO 32 bit ESSTech ADC. The ES9822PRO ADC features ESS proprietary Hyperstream II ADC Architecture, which delivers unprecedented conversion performance and yields top notch specs of 124 dB DNR and -117 dB THD+Noise. The ES9822PRO has an Ultra-Low Noise Floor Bandwidth of 200kHz. This bandwidth is up to 10 times wider than the competition, enabling higher resolution at higher sampling rates and along with the ESS 8-channel ES9038PRO Sabre DAC and our own onboard FEMTO master clock providing infinitesimal jitter we are certain this should satisfy the most fastidious analog aficionados who are into vinyl or reel-to-reel playback ! 

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