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I told that I can buy from used marketplace and trade in on new model when releases. I just cant decide from a long distance which way to buy.
I have big horn system and saw on another site problem with noise with UP. did you fix this in more new firmware?
you seem angry with deqx, maybe not best to post angry about competitor though. my father always told me this.

Hi the noise issue was a problem with one customer and on the first generation of Preamps only and was a consequence of using the design from the esstech application notes. To others who bought those first Preamps there were no issues or they worked around it using good quality amplifiers with proper balanced input stages. Having said that we completely redesigned the DAC and IV stage in the 2nd generation Preamps so the common mode noise was cancelled out and non existent. Our gripe with DEQX was the way they mysteriously offered a "21 st anniversary" sale of their products at a significant discount right at the same time we were offering a pre-order for the UP2 and UPP on diyaudio so I called into question the timing of this when they'd never offered a discount before and "21 st" was an odd number to celebrate an anniversary. Sure there was no law against them doing this but at the same time I didn't see why I should stay silent if I thought a  competitor making an inferior product was trying to steal prospective customers away from us at a critical time. As a small start-up trying to get off the ground in a country which shuns manufacturing and support of aussie made products sometimes we need to bark a bit louder than other more established companies in order to stay afloat. Because of this we learned the hard way from this experience not to do any more forward announcements of prospective products !!

Having said that we have currently sold out of all of our stock so can't supply you with anything at the moment until our supply chains are re-established :(


Ultimate-Preamplifier by Analog-Precision / Re: Please Read !
« on: September 18, 2021, 03:03:22 AM »
Waiting for more established sales and reviews. Its a lot of money to spend on product that cant audition first.
Here in HK DEQX have dealer and support. Can I have link to Audio Sciene Review website review of UP? I didn't find one.
I not understand about comments about gullible customers. DEQX specialist said if I buy product now I can return and upgrade when new product available.
I just ask these questions before I spend big money on preamp for help.

So they still have product now to sell to you because from what I have read they no longer have any existing product to sell ?? Which is it and from what I have seen from their announcements it  just appears to be a few 3D models with no details ?

Did you find a review of the DEQX on ASR ? We provide a suite of detail measurements of our preamp although our test equipment is not quite as good as ASR but still very good none the less and also shows up major differences between our product and DEQX existing product. We've already sold quite a few preamps all around the world and people have been very happy with the results of our work. If someone wants to submit our product to ASR for testing we would welcome the feedback. Also our product is aimed more at the OEM or serious hobbyist who can devote time into developing their own crossover designs so it was never going to end up in a dealers shop by itself competing with other Preamps etc. This would be no different to minidsp or OktoDAC. Also we have the UPP which allows you to leverage the computing power from an external PC so our Preamp is probably one of the first truly high-end multi-channel Preamps to offer scalable DSP capability without being hamstrung by its own internal hardware, and as a result we don't have to keep selling the same old bit of rope to prospective customers as DSP technology advances onwards ;) My comments about gullibility concerns people not understand that DEQX existing hardware is based on first generation SHARC DSP from 1996 ! Seriously why no upgrade to the later parts for so long when the DSP seems to be mounted on a plugin board ?


Ultimate-Preamplifier by Analog-Precision / Re: Please Read !
« on: September 16, 2021, 11:32:13 PM »
Considering that DEQX have never published a set of laboratory grade measurements in their life, its very hard to tell what you will be getting. They have been making the old ones for over 10 years and I have never seen anything to verify their claimed specifications for those ones so who knows.

On the other hand there is a full set of verified measurements on the UP here.

DEQX have been selling the same old box for 10 years based on 1995 technology. Bear in mind its only an announcement they have a new model coming.

Ask DEQX to put a complete set of measurements up, REAL ONES, NOT EXPECTED ONES. Get them to send one to Audio Science Review for independent testing and see how they come up.

If you look deeper into the UP you will see that even DEQX new model won't do what the UP+ will do.

So basically DEQX have been flogging the same bit of old rope for years without bothering to upgrade it until they really couldn't get away with it any more ! To bad if you were one of those that recently bought into the last of their old outdated stock not knowing that they have been working on something in the background that they claim is "so much better" than what they had been selling to gullible customers ! Not a good look :(


Ultimate-Preamplifier by Analog-Precision / Re: Please Read !
« on: September 16, 2021, 12:18:09 PM »
How would you compare new DEQX to UPA? I have been researching and waiting, but new announcemnet looks good.
(Edit: removed inappropriate link. For more info please read Stereonet completely censors out Analog-Precision from its forum/search ! )

What actually were you waiting for ??

Feature Requests / Re: Display Running Script
« on: August 31, 2021, 12:57:00 AM »
Something I looked into doing a while ago but for some reason the API for the Audio Weaver BSP package does not provide this information except through the host PC interface.

Audioweaver / Re: Phase corection, invert phase, balance
« on: July 25, 2021, 11:39:50 AM »
Hi David
In audio weaver ,
1. We can adjust delay (time align), but Can we adjust phase (phase correction) ?
2. Invert phase (I try invert phase but not effect, may be I choose wrong function ? (I try some tab invert , but no effect
3. Can we adjust balance on a stereo channel (for example mid high, the power amp for mid-high not balance ?)
Tks David

1. I believe there are some all-pass filter blocks I believe you can use to adjust phase.
2. There is a phase inversion block.
3. You would have to do this with attenuation blocks.


Firmware Updates / Re: Firmware Update: 210513-1335
« on: July 14, 2021, 11:21:34 PM »
Try again. Should work this time ;)

Feature Requests / Re: remote control
« on: July 13, 2021, 10:27:44 AM »
Can you change from default to simple ? That should emulate mac user remote.

Feature Requests / Re: remote control
« on: July 09, 2021, 05:45:23 AM »
Hi Phuong

For people used to Apple R/C's you can change the button mapping in the user settings from 'Default' to 'Simple' ie [ Main Menu ] -> [ Setup User ] -> [ Setup RC ] -> [Default/Simple]

Have you tried different R/C's as some might be stronger than others ?


More free plugs for another chinese branded non sponsored product - in fact 46 pages worth !! Try and get this much exposure on this forum if you are a local vendor without getting an email from the owner wanting you to cough up the $$$ ! I think not :( BTW starting fee is 2k a year and beyond that it varies from 1k a month to 5k a month unless of course you are a certain local amplifier manufacturer that gets a lifetime of free plugs from the mods :(  China-Hifi must be laughing all of the way to the bank thanks to stereonet. Ozzy ozzy ozzy - oi oi oi ! :D LOL


Just more censorship from the king of censors. Don't like the comment then delete the comment and ban the poster !! 

"Rude and disrespectful" :D LOL

The truth of the matter is stereonet has never been successful outside of Australia and the apparent success in Australia is now questionable in light of the activities above. Profiting out of playing one vendor off against another is not a viable business model and is abhorrent. If you had ever visited their UK forum before it was dismantled you would have seen that it was threadbare with little or no activity. Before the Asia forum was pulled it had no more than a dozen users online at the one time and this was purchased from an existing forum operator !! The entry into the US market has been a total flop and non existent too. If it wasn't for purchasing the databases off existing forum operators in NZ and Singapore the only way stereonet has managed to survive is off the back of fickle Aussies who put up with their crap !




I take it with Focal Loudspeakers being the front and centre picture in this article that Rushton wrote about a distributor "Transgressing the normal relationship", is Busisoft. Seems like Hell have hath no fury like a woman scorned!

He has a hide to talk about "TRUST" when his moderators have been undermining paying sponsors for years. Perhaps Busisoft got tired of his constant pushing of Harmon products and thought their sponsorship payments weren't really getting them any value for money.

Who knows, but TRUST does not appear to very high up the list of priorities. Look at what he has been allowing his moderators to get away with. Its all there people, dates, names, comments, everything.

I've heard the other side of this story and it's at complete odds with what is written in this article, so much so that it reminds me of an episode of Minder :D LOL This article smacks of sour grapes over someone who was no longer willing to pay their protection money to the stereonet coffers ! Good on them for standing by their own principles and not let themselves be bullied by thugs !!


We have split this thread up into two threads because we though the remaining posts deserved their own thread and rightfully so !! Click here to see the other thread

We have split this thread into two topics and put them in the Dark Room because we felt some of the content deserved its own separate thread for reasons which will become apparent !

Stereonet completely censors out analog precision from its forum/search !

The worst case of anti-competitive behavior we have ever seen in this industry !

With over 60,000 posts to their name he or she should have been banned and not demoted. Anyone else spruiking or continually plugging a particular brand would have been pulled up very quickly by the owner and either warned or banned outright according to their own forum rules and yet nothing happened even after complaints were made years ago :( I too more or less got banned for only writing two sentences that the owner of stereonet did not like as well as having the only thread on my product completely removed so go figure !! He guards it like a hawk and yet this is allowed to go on for years :(

Do these people honestly think that Australia is like the wild west and they can do what they like with impunity and absolutely no accountability ?

And that other monsieur coffee making character that appears to have written that damning PM with his phone number on it doesn't get let off the hook either !! He's up to his neck in it as well. :(


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