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With over 60,000 posts to their name he or she should have been banned and not demoted. Anyone else spruiking or continually plugging a particular brand would have been pulled up very quickly by the owner and either warned or banned outright according to their own forum rules and yet nothing happened even after complaints were made years ago :( I too more or less got banned for only writing two sentences that the owner of stereonet did not like as well as having the only thread on my product completely removed so go figure !! He guards it like a hawk and yet this is allowed to go on for years :(

Do these people honestly think that Australia is like the wild west and they can do what they like with impunity and absolutely no accountability !!

And that other monsieur character that appears to have written that damning PM with his phone number on it doesn't get let off the hook either !! He's up to his neck in it as well. :(



I take it with Focal Loudspeakers being the front and centre picture in this article that Rushton wrote about a distributor "Transgressing the normal relationship", is Busisoft. Seems like Hell have hath no fury like a woman scorned!

He has a hide to talk about "TRUST" when his moderators have been undermining paying sponsors for years. Perhaps Busisoft got tired of his constant pushing of Harmon products and thought their sponsorship payments weren't really getting them any value for money.

Who knows, but TRUST does not appear to very high up the list of priorities. Look at what he has been allowing his moderators to get away with. Its all there people, dates, names, comments, everything.

Which ever way you cut it these are still electronic devices which process electrical signals and need to be treated as such no matter how many flashing lights and buttons or how much they cost or how easy to use !! Without valid measurements these types of reviews are not worth the paper they are written on and are no more than someones opinion and likewise with the nonsense that is published by stereonet. There are only a handful of publishers that possess the relevant test equipment needed to evaluate equipment properly such as stereophile, ASR, Australian Hifi and to a lesser extent HNRR. The rest of them are either a waste of trees or internet bandwidth with stereonet no exception :(

Honestly speaking reviewing an amplifier without at least testing its power output and/or distortion, FR etc is like reviewing a car without driving it. There is only so many times you can wheel out the same old sound stage width and depth cliche before people wake up to the fact that they are just reading propaganda designed to suck then into buying something which is what websites like stereonet are designed to do :(


I didn't know moderators were supposed to be in charge of sales ? I thought they were just supposed to police a forum and not get involved with promoting selected brands at the expense of others but this betty boop character just can't help him or herself :( The question here is how many prospective sales have been lost because of the continual promotion of this one competing brand by this particular mod ?


Check it out. Just more evidence of the cover-ups ! I dug this up from a past facebook messenger chat back in 24-Apr-2019 I was having with the owner of stereonet when I was still on speaking terms with him, Apparently it's always a conspiracy theory and he is in total denial whilst the evidence above paints a completely different picture. What's even worse is he allows this brazen activity to perpetuate even at the expense of other paying sponsors whilst silencing any dissent on his own forum. I'd say busted Marc - well and truly ! The game is up ! How many local businesses have been ruined because of this nefarious behaviour ?? I hastened to think :( This is not what Australia needs or deserves :(

And for those playing along at home even if you write stuff he doesn't approve of on another site but has no control over it, you will surely get threatening emails with fake legal threats at all hours of the night as I have got from him. He will never debate anything in public he does not feel comfortable with and that's why so much gets deleted on his own forum.  For those not used to this type of corporate bully tactics you need to see through it for what it is and don't fall for it :(


Talk about shooting the messenger !! Let me get this straight. You reported this clandestine operation to the forum owner and instead of reprimanding or standing down the mods involved he then bans you and deletes all of your content whilst allowing the same mods to keep spruiking the same brand of equipment, till this day, and at any opportunity for a brand that for all intents and purposes is not a payed up sponsor ? You'd have to be totally daft to pay this forum owner 2K a year only to be compromised by this sordid arrangement. And yet nobody is allowed to say anything for fear of being banned or like myself have posting and PM rights removed :(

And for 2K a year just to have some iddy biddy forum space allocated to your brand and as soon as you stop paying your renewals your forum space and all of its posts disappear into the ether whilst this same vendor keeps getting continual free plugs at every opportunity. You've got to be kidding me, this must be noddy land :(

That was the plan but unfortunately time isn't on our side with the new orders for the preamps. Having said that I use this amp daily and it eventually has to go to the original customer who also ordered a UPP a while ago. Also because there are so many people making these things now and competing on price the urgency wasn't really there. Having said that our amps way a ton due to the stainless steel case and 10mm thick heat spreading plates which is why we can drive then at full power and they don't even break a sweat. Many of the lesser designs try and use a bit of flimsy case work as the heat sink. Not good for long term reliability. I wanted to make ours bullet proof but it has also made them much more expensive to build than other offerings :(

Also this particular amp had some experimental features incorporated into the design which are not seen on any other amp but will be removed to simplify the design in any future revisions. I do have some parts for two more of these amps to put together when I have some more time.


Ok i thought perhaps the search doesn't like the hyphen between analog and precision in my URL so just did a search for '' and see what happens. So is searchable but is not. Someone with sour grapes here probably because I refused to pay my protection money :D


One astute reader contacted us recently and asked why there was nothing on stereonet about our products as he was interested to find out more and get some user feedback but told us that the forum search always produced no results when searching for “Analog-Precision” so we had to investigate this for ourselves. For those not familiar with stereonet it is nothing more than a glorified advertising platform masquerading as some kind of ‘hifi community’ with the members being used as its captive audience but it is anything but a hifi community with its draconian style of censorship and restrictions unless you are willing to pay the $$$ to have some of them removed :(

Anyway check it out. It seems the reader was onto something here with a search for 'Analog-Precision' yielding absolutely nothing. Maybe I have got the spelling wrong but I checked numerous times and each time it yields 0 results. So the plot thickens ;)

Perhaps it is not returning a result because there is nothing to find ? I told the reader who contacted me that they probably didn’t find anything on stereonet because we have been blacklisted and the only thread that was specific to the Preamp has been completely removed by the owner of that forum, however I had the foresight to grab a copy of the thread before it disappeared and have provided a link at the end of this post where you can download it. The reason why this happened is that I believe the owner of that forum and one of its paying sponsors tried to undermine our business by attempting to siphon away prospective customers from us at a critical time of the pre-order for our 2nd generation Preamps. When I complained about it on this forum I received a very abrupt and threating PM from the owner of stereonet requesting that I remove a couple of statements which I refused to do and the rest is history ! Neither statements had anything to do with the underlying issue but more about the so called reputation of the owner of stereonet. 

You will also notice that we have not been added to their list of Australia made product websites even though we probably make one of the most sophisticated and technically advanced consumer audio products in Australia at the moment ! Apparently our website was added only for a very short period of time before it was pulled again ! Check it out analog-precision is missing in action !

Perhaps they don’t think we are worthy of any addition because in the owners own words we are just a bunch of ‘hacks’ struggling to get something to market whilst the owner of stereonet was hatching up plans with one of its paying sponsors to steal away prospective customers from us at a critical time ! And I am glad he agreed that our product works because I don't think he has ever created anything himself or understands how difficult it is !

Having said that, there are still some remnants and old posts that refer to our product or website on stereonet but we had to dig hard just to find one of them as the search engine has been crippled for anything to do with us !

To prove the forum search is not broken let’s try some other search terms such as ‘minidsp’ which I believe is not a sponsor but gets plenty of free plugs every day and all day long. Go figure ! All 22 pages of search results which reference this particular brand !! Not bad for a vendor that doesn't pay a single cent of sponsorship !

For what it is worth I had the foresight to take a copy of the only thread about the Ultimate-Preamplifier Mk-1 before it had been completely removed and have made it available below as a pdf download below including the owner requesting that I apologize to him which he later retracted from that thread before he removed the thread altogether! I won’t be apologizing to him for anything as he has a number of apologies to make to others before he seeks redemption for his own misdeeds.  Funnily enough I wasn’t banned out right although I can still log on but not post or access the PM’s but this was a while ago and I haven’t checked since !!

Download link to deleted thread below:

Does it do standard text files by any chance ?? The binary file could be used if you knew the format and convert it back to text ?

Otherwise if you have the convolver module you could run it on an external PC and link back into the Preamp using Loop-Through enabled mode ;)


Firmware Updates / Firmware Update: TBA
« on: May 13, 2021, 04:16:04 AM »
Firmware Version: TBA
Firmware release date: TBA
Tested On: UP2, UPP
Status: Testing
Added standby mode to Preamps configured as Slave Devices in Master/Slave setup.
For the microphone input converted single left channel to left + right channel for measurement purposes.
For the UPP fixed problem switching from 2-ch Preamp mode to Multi-Channel Direct mode and back again.
Matched level on 2-Ch Preamp mode which was 6dB lower than 2-Ch Direct DAC mode when playing DSD files via the 2-Ch USB interface.
For the RC testing menu have redefined the correct data fields to match the data packets.

Recommendations: To avoid unnecessary side effects after updating the firmware it is recommended to do a factory reset to initialize the non volatile memory to a known state. You should note the current settings before doing this as these will be cleared. This can be accessed from the front panel ie [Main Menu] -> [Setup] -> [Setup User] -> [Factory Default / Push Center Button]


How to upload firmware updates to the Ultimate Preamplifier

This firmware download link below:

Wiki and Q&A / Re: Room correction with Dirac live on UPP
« on: June 12, 2021, 12:08:06 PM »
See this thread for updated info on using Dirac with the Ultimate-Preamp.

Can you post the file that Audiolense generates and what file formats are available ??

I just checked Audiolense has a convolution engine that can be run on a PC

If you have a UPP you can run your crossover on the Preamp using Audioweaver and then setup Loop-Through mode on the Preamp to hook into the convolution engine running on an external PC.


Once I matched the recording device settings of the UPP incoming sound device to the sample rate I used for the DIRAC processing then it all appeared to work !! It is also possible reinstalling the USB 8-channel driver may have had something to do with it as well. It is now the latest version 4.67 of the driver ;)

HINT: In the future it will be better to do all sampling and processing at 192kHz rather than 44.1kHz to take full advantage of the processing capabilities of the Preamp provided the PC can handle that rate which I don't think is an issue with most PC's and Laptops these days ;)




It works !! Shown here is a Pioneer PD-6 playing the very best of Fleetwood Mac through the Preamp with DIRAC DRC processing enabled !!


Ok some more progress. I can get audio out of the UPP into the PC and listen to it on the headphones connected to the PC. Here are the Windows sound device settings.





There seems to be an issue getting the audio stream from the Preamp into the PC for Dirac to use so maybe some Windows Sound device aficionados might be able to chime in here.

I can route the audio from the Preamp into the headphones on the PC but as soon as I try to switch it to use the Dirac virtual sound device everything goes dead. Using it under Windows 10 doesn't help either.

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