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Greetings Yoke:

I'm using Peerless XLS 12" 830500 subwoofer sealed on a cubic foot enclosure with Kenwood L07-M amplifiers.
I did read about David having changed signs,thank you for providing the  list order and signs.

Greetings Yoke:
I took a second look at the coefficient generator from DSP, they have 15 digits after the decimal point.
a1 and b1 are exactly the same except they have opposite signs at freq.=20Hz , Q= 0.2 and Fs=18.1 Hz.

I used CSVed to import the numbers.
And I have not found what is the proper order, I have used the following list order:

I tried the biquad in an effort to boost 20Hz-120Hz frequencies and the biquad made no difference.
A scaler module  did work at the expense of bad distortion .
The volume module is useless.
My solution to bringing low frequencies to the forefront is to send the low frequencies from the ultimate preamplifer to a second preamplifer (Nikko Beta 1).

May I ask what is it you are trying to achieve with your biquad?
I noticed you are doing it on mid and upper frequencies.

b0       1      1.0046
b1       2     -1.9967
b2       3      0.99215
b1       4     -1.9967
a2       5     - 0.99673

Why is the coefficient b1 entered twice on the matrix?   

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