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The Dark Room / Good to see 'Australian Hifi' take back the Hifi Show ;)
« on: September 12, 2022, 05:18:20 PM »
Hopefully we will see them back in Melbourne too ;)

See if you can find this on stereonet ? I almost missed it when I was reading the latest "Australian Hifi' mag and then I had to read the full page spread a few times to realize that Dennis the menace had nothing to do with it ;)

However note the date on stereonet. 1 month before the Aus-Hifi show in Sydney ;)


Performance and Measurements / A question for DEQX owners ?
« on: September 09, 2022, 08:12:49 PM »
There are some privileged people who now own Klippel Near Field Scanners (NFS) which is quite an expensive bit of test measurement kit and which can cost up to $100,000 depending on options. Having said that, this device can do a near field scan of a loudspeaker which is just a fancy way of accurately measuring the frequency response of a speaker without using an an-echoic chamber.. But the downside is that it can take anywhere from 12 to 16 hours (according to a recent factory tour of the Magico facility) or more to acquire all of the data and that is the price you pay for not having access to an an-echoic chamber. This begs the question as to what DEQX are actually measuring and what have they been telling people they have been measuring all of this time when they stick a microphone in front of a speaker and do a 5 second sweep and then claim to apply an inverse convolution filter to fix up both amplitude and phase issues ? The correction is only as good as the measurement right ? What is it that they are measuring and what is it they are correcting ? Does anybody know ?

Check it out. You just can't make this stuff up !


Then perhaps the author of that post should read this unsolicited email (copy shown below) from the owner of stereonet who decided in the end to make up his own legal letter full of vexatious and baseless allegations as well as threats of jail sentences and then send it to me in a last ditched failed attempt to have me remove incriminating evidence that was written by someone else, when all of his lawyers threats to date to have me remove this evidence against his website had failed !  That's right, that is what he does. If he can't silence you by banning you on his own forum his tentacles will reach out to other forums to try and have you silenced and/or removed. Guy's so tell me who really is the unhinged one here ??

And just to set the record straight there was only one complaint from all of the first gen Preamps I had sold to date and that was from a diyaudio member who had ulterior motives and was in bed with a local amplifier manufacturer that was building amp modules with dubious input stages so this poster is making stuff up about us. The irony was that I didn't want to sell a Preamp to this guy in the first place because I had had other inquiries way before him but he kept pestering me to sell him one which I did in the end and I paid a very heavy price with this guy :( He was nothing but trouble from the day he got the Preamp as well as being totally uncooperative in chasing down the problems. :( And what wasn't apparent to me at the time of these continued complaints canvassed on the diyaudio forum was why this so-called offender would not return the Preamp to me for at least 6 months and/or with one of his problematic diy amplifiers so I could evaluate the actual problem in the lab. Well it appears the Preamp wasn't in his possession for some time as evidenced by pictures of his setup on diyaudio. In fact in the end, I realized they were trying to cobble together their own DSP based Preamp by copying ideas from mine and incorporating that in an outdated DAC/DSP/Preamp they used to sell whilst at the same time trying to put me out of business by spreading malicious lies. Sound familiar ?? In end I did end up getting one of these amps from someone else who was building one and wanted me to check it out for them. Guess what ? The amp and my Preamp worked flawlessly together with no problems. I guess that's why they did not want to send me one of their amps to test it with :( This is what they do here in this country and before people start throwing stones in glass houses they need to get their facts straight because there is a lot that goes on in this industry behind closed doors that is purposely hidden on that stereonet forum and nobody can speak out and say anything for fear of being banned and having their posts censored or removed :(

Not only that, when I did get the Preamp back I gave it the once over and on-sold it immediately to someone else overseas who hasn't complained about it since ! Apparently all of this makes me unhinged !!  Having said that, according to this audiogeek member on stereonet if you produce a product and later find out some things that could have been done better because of the lack of information in a chip vendors datasheet etc you shouldn't be given a second chance but a vendor like DEQX who has been peddling the same old bit of rope and substandard equipment to the punters for decades, should be given a second chance always. Well guess what, they got caught out !! For all of this time they couldn't even be bothered upgrading their first generation SHARC DSP to a 4th gen part as used in the UP and you know why ? Because they knew they could get away with it and nobody would question it until I exposed it. But it never ever occurred to me to use a part introduced decades ago back in 1996 and not recommended for new designs ! I just used the best I could get at the time and brought myself up to speed on it even if I had to go through some revisions and iterations to get there. Now they have been caught out like a rabbit in a spot light and they are playing catch up games, and if it wasn't for what I published on this forum they would still be selling the same old bit of rope to unsuspecting punters like AudioGeek. If telling the truth and attempting to defend my name makes me "unhinged" then that is a noble title to be had !

And then there was their lame excuse for not offering a stereo 4-way capable DSP crossover which the UP is. I think it went like this:- "Who needs anymore than a 3-way speaker ?". Erm ever heard of a Duntech Sovereign or Dunlavy SC-V or SC-VI or are You going to tell us Dunlavy didn't know what he was doing ?

And sorry to disappoint those people if I come across as "unhinged", contrary to your opinions, we did take another bite from the cherry and produced a second generation Preamp, and the new measurements don't lie. We nailed it but let's keep waiting for the DEQX revolution because why ?? An aussie past time to kill off another prospective manufacturer and then replace it with yet more imports :(


News Updates / My facebook page got hacked - any ideas ?
« on: August 17, 2022, 07:22:54 PM »
Some low life decided to hack my facebook page the other day and now I have lost control of the AP page. I've tried recovering it and gone through all of the motions but to no avail. It acknowledges my previous password but the email has changed and I just end up going around in circles. And of course facebook is useless as you cannot contact them directly. From what I have read, once this happens you may as well say goodbye to it :( Anyone else had luck recovering a hacked page ?

For those with the earlier Rev:B2 boards it is possible for the volume to increase dramatically. This is noticeable when the Preamp is exposed to high ambient temperatures and there is poor ventilation inside the case. This is caused by the 1.2V regulator that powers the DAC chip to momentarily shut down until it cools down and starts up again in which time the DAC chip starts in an unknown state. To reduce thermal load on the regulator it is recommended to remove the 120 ohm resisitor R59 near the DAC by skilled personnel who are experience with reworking surface mount boards. This resistor is used to bias the regulator into class-A operation but is not needed as the regulator is sufficiently loaded by the DAC anyway. Removing this resistor will lighten the thermal load on the regulator which is only a small SOT-223 package. For that reason it is recommended to provide adequate ventilation around the DSP board to improve reliability of this circuit. This modification only applies to the earlier Rev:B2 boards and NOT the later Rev:C boards which have substantially bigger regulators and better heat sinking.

Check Board Revision on the bottom right hand side of the board.

Only qualified personnel should Remove R59 from the board as depicted on the images below


This story is about two years old and wasn't apparent to me at the time until later when someone had alerted me to it. This is just another one of the many disappointing situations I have had to deal with since I started this project. In fact I could easily write a book about all of the crap situations and experiences I have had to deal with and the irony is that they have all originated from here within Australia :(

Check it out !! Slap bang right in the middle of our pre-order period around August 2019 last year on , DEQX along with their mates at stereonet all of a sudden decided to offer a 21st anniversary sale !!

What a coincidence or more likely a conspiracy !! :(

I mean what commercial organization celebrates a 21st anniversary whilst at the same time offering a significant discount on a competing inferior product that they have never offered before ?? Same old story wheeled out once again about an old sampling keyboard that has been flogged to death !! A bit like the old Hills Hoist !! Probably just a rouse to justify offering a discount to try and steal customers away from us at a critical time :(

20th anniversary I could understand but 21st anniversary ?? What commercial vendors do 21st anniversaries ?? Maybe I have lived a sheltered life but why not a 22nd anniversary during Covid-19 when things are much quieter ? Makes much more sense  but not a peep out of them. Wonder what they will do for a 25th anniversary or maybe they will wait for my next pre-order ? That should be interesting. My guess is that with the same old stagnating DSP hardware it won't belong before the product they are flogging is relegated to the same status as their old keyboard. ;) (PS Apparently DEQX have been working on a new product offering but have not heard any news about it yet.)

And lastly if DEQX was so good then the owner of stereonet would still be using one in his stereo system today. He doesn't and sold it long ago !! (Edit - And yet the owner of stereonet threatened me with legal action if I did not withdraw this comment - why ??) It's one thing trying to steal customers away from a prospective start-up during its critical phase but it's another trying to do kill off a progressively new product whilst keeping a very old outdated and mediocre product alive ! It's called anti-competitive behavior and there are laws designed to protect businesses against this sort of nefarious behaviour !

If you are a local aussie hifi manufacturer my suggestion is to avoid stereonet like the plague and if you read the other threads in this section you will see why ! Why pay $2,000 a year only to have a single forum buried among many others when as soon as you stop paying that thread and all of its posts disappear into the ether. Surely this is not the behaviour of a "hifi community" but   nothing more than a glorified advertising platform designed to make lots of money for its owners whilst using the members as its captive audience who are very limited in what they can post. And if that means destroying a prospective local hifi manufacturer along the way then be it ! Avoid !


The Dark Room / I call StereoNET Changing of the Guard total BS !
« on: April 13, 2022, 06:06:22 PM »

I call BS on his claims. No remorse or apologies just blaming everyone else ! He didn't go far enough in changing the guard, because he should have volunteered to remove himself and allow someone else to take over who doesn't have ulterior motives. Changing the names of the mods and admins to "volunteers"? and calling it a "community" is just window dressing and does nothing to change the underlying militant culture with this forum.

I strongly believe that we need a Hifi community that is more receptive to local industry and supportive of local manufacturing jobs rather than overseas jobs facilitated by import junkies that proliferate on his forum. These are people who add no value to anything and seem to have higher priority than local product developers just because they are willing to pay a lot more. If he wants to call it a 'hifi community' then it needs to be treated as a 'hifi community' and not as a cash cow dressed up as a community forum.

Anytime anyone plugs their own products on his forum he pounces on them like a hawk and they get shown the door unless they are willing to pay, except for Elektra of course who appeared to have a lifetime free subscription without being an official sponsor. On the flip-side a well-known Chinese valve amp manufacturer who appears not to be a paying sponsor has already a 222 page thread with over 5500 posts ! Not only that, many forums such as ASR, diyaudio, WBT allow you to plug your own product or company without getting a private message asking you to pay up or have your website removed from your signature ! In my case I was completely shut down and the stereonet forum nobbled so any search for my product on his forum now takes a ridiculous amount of time and still does. It's still the same today so, so much for his "nurturing"?. Like I said it is all crap.

On the drawing board is our next Revision(D) of the main DSP board which now features an upgraded ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) from the existing 24 bit TI part to the Flagship ES9822PRO 32 bit ESSTech ADC. The ES9822PRO ADC features ESS proprietary Hyperstream II ADC Architecture, which delivers unprecedented conversion performance and yields top notch specs of 124 dB DNR and -117 dB THD+Noise. The ES9822PRO has an Ultra-Low Noise Floor Bandwidth of 200kHz. This bandwidth is up to 10 times wider than the competition, enabling higher resolution at higher sampling rates and along with the ESS 8-channel ES9038PRO Sabre DAC and our own onboard FEMTO master clock providing infinitesimal jitter we are certain this should satisfy the most fastidious analog aficionados who are into vinyl or reel-to-reel playback ! 

We have split this thread into two topics and put them in the Dark Room because we felt some of the content deserved its own separate thread for reasons which will become apparent !

Stereonet completely censors out analog precision from its forum/search !

The worst case of anti-competitive behavior we have ever seen in this industry !

One astute reader contacted us recently and asked why there was nothing on stereonet about our products as he was interested to find out more and get some user feedback but told us that the forum search always produced no results when searching for 'Analog-Precision'? so we had to investigate this for ourselves. For those not familiar with stereonet it is nothing more than a glorified advertising platform masquerading as some kind of 'hifi community' with the members being used as its captive audience but it is anything but a hifi community with its draconian style of censorship and restrictions unless you are willing to pay the $$$ to have some of them removed :(

Anyway check it out. It seems the reader was onto something here with a search for 'Analog-Precision' yielding absolutely nothing. Maybe I have got the spelling wrong but I checked numerous times and each time it yields 0 results. So the plot thickens ;)

Perhaps it is not returning a result because there is nothing to find ? I told the reader who contacted me that they probably didn't find anything on stereonet because we have been blacklisted and the only thread that was specific to the Preamp has been completely removed by the owner of that forum, however I had the foresight to grab a copy of the thread before it disappeared and have provided a link at the end of this post where you can download it. The reason why this happened is that I believe the owner of that forum and one of its paying sponsors tried to undermine our business by attempting to siphon away prospective customers from us at a critical time of the pre-order for our 2nd generation Preamps. When I complained about it on this forum I received a very abrupt and threating PM from the owner of stereonet requesting that I remove a couple of statements which I refused to do and the rest is history ! Neither statements had anything to do with the underlying issue but more about the so called reputation of the owner of stereonet. 

You will also notice that we have not been added to their list of Australia made product websites even though we probably make one of the most sophisticated and technically advanced consumer audio products in Australia at the moment ! Apparently our website was added only for a very short period of time before it was pulled again ! Check it out analog-precision is missing in action !

Perhaps they don't think we are worthy of any addition because in the owners own words we are just a bunch of 'hacks' struggling to get something to market whilst the owner of stereonet was hatching up plans with one of its paying sponsors to steal away prospective customers from us at a critical time ! And I am glad he agreed that our product works because I don't think he has ever created anything himself or understands how difficult it is !

Having said that, there are still some remnants and old posts that refer to our product or website on stereonet but we had to dig hard just to find one of them as the search engine has been crippled for anything to do with us !

To prove the forum search is not broken let's try some other search terms such as 'minidsp' which I believe is not a sponsor but gets plenty of free plugs every day and all day long. Go figure ! All 22 pages of search results which reference this particular brand !! Not bad for a vendor that doesn't pay a single cent of sponsorship !

For what it is worth I had the foresight to take a copy of the only thread about the Ultimate-Preamplifier Mk-1 before it had been completely removed and have made it available below as a pdf download below including the owner requesting that I apologize to him which he later retracted from that thread before he removed the thread altogether! I won't be apologizing to him for anything as he has a number of apologies to make to others before he seeks redemption for his own misdeeds.  Funnily enough I wasn't banned outright although I can still log on but not post or access the PM's but this was a while ago and I haven't checked since !!

Download link to deleted thread below:

Firmware Updates / Firmware Update: TBA
« on: May 13, 2021, 02:16:04 PM »
Firmware Version: TBA
Firmware release date: TBA
Tested On: UP2, UPP
Status: Testing
Added standby mode to Preamps configured as Slave Devices in Master/Slave setup.
For the microphone input converted single left channel to left + right channel for measurement purposes.
For the UPP fixed problem switching from 2-ch Preamp mode to Multi-Channel Direct mode and back again.
Matched level on 2-Ch Preamp mode which was 6dB lower than 2-Ch Direct DAC mode when playing DSD files via the 2-Ch USB interface.
For the RC testing menu have redefined the correct data fields to match the data packets.

Recommendations: To avoid unnecessary side effects after updating the firmware it is recommended to do a factory reset to initialize the non volatile memory to a known state. You should note the current settings before doing this as these will be cleared. This can be accessed from the front panel ie [Main Menu] -> [Setup] -> [Setup User] -> [Factory Default / Push Center Button]


How to upload firmware updates to the Ultimate Preamplifier

This firmware download link below:

This thread is about running DIRAC DRC on the Ultimate-Preamplifier Plus (UPP) so please feel free to add your experiences. With the help of one of my clients the generous  folks at DIRAC have kindly offered me a license to run DIRAC which I greatly appreciate. I'm no expert on Dirac so here is my experience with it to date. One of the things you will find is that once all of the hardware works with each other the process of correcting a loudspeaker is really quite streamlined and doesn't require any additional specialist help like some of the other DRC solutions. I have managed to get a lot of DIRAC working with the UPP but are still having trouble getting the audio stream from the UPP that represents the Preamplifier output into the DIRAC live stream application so any advice welcome on this front and for those attempting to use it with an Apple platform.

Now why would you want to run Dirac with the Preamp instead of something like Jriver on a PC etc ? For the same reason you would want to listen to your favourite CD player, vinyl playback on a turntable, a tuner, tape deck etc etc which can't be done on a PC alone and this is why the Ultimate Preamplifier Plus is unique because you now have the ability to apply this room correction to any source that is connected to the Preamp and not just limited to streaming music from a PC ;)

Dirac Website:

More References:


How it works

Dirac installation guide

Quick Start Guide - English

Firmware Updates / Firmware Update: 210513-1335
« on: May 13, 2021, 02:16:04 PM »
Firmware Version: 210513-1335
Firmware release date: 13-May-2021
Tested On: UP2, UPP
Description: This update addresses differences in Apple remote controls as there appears to be two types of remote with slightly different codes and some wouldn't work depending on which one you purchased which wasn't clear as they both looked identical. This has now been fixed in this release so the UP should now respond to both types.

We have also changed the "Setup S/PDIF Output" menu and have removed the loop through function and added a sample rate output selection because some external DAC's cannot run at the native DSP sample rate of 192kHz nor can the Toslink output of the preamp run at more than 96kHz.


How to upload firmware updates to the Ultimate Preamplifier

How to implement a stereo 5-way crossover with the Ultimate-Preamplifier

This firmware download link below:

Audioweaver / 8-Channel Stereo Pass through
« on: May 25, 2021, 05:57:52 PM »
This script is used for testing the DAC’s and directly passes audio data from the left channel to the all of the odd channels (Ch 1,3,5,7) and from the right channel to the all of the even channels (Ch 2,4,6,8).

WARNING ! It is recommended not to have speakers connected when using this mode otherwise it may cause damage to the upper range drivers if they are driven with wide band or low frequency content.

Audioweaver / 4-way Stereo Crossover
« on: May 25, 2021, 05:51:41 PM »
This script uses Audio-Weaver’s built in High-Performance Linkwitz-Riley crossover module to implement a stereo 4-way crossover. Crossover Levels and frequencies can be customized to arbitrary values. Crossover slopes can be adjusted from 1st to 10th order slopes.

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