Ultra low level signal resolution 1kHz @ -90dBFS

Started by Tranquility Bass, March 25, 2021, 01:24:56 PM

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Tranquility Bass

Test Methodology:

In this test we are looking at how the DAC is good at resolving very low level signal levels or in other words its micro-dynamic resolving capability. In this case we feed each channel a low level digital signal of -90.31 dBFS which corresponds to a full-scale (0dBFS) signal divided by 32768 or a reduction of signal magnitude by 16 bits which is the lowest level for redbook CD ! This is a 32bit DAC so still has plenty of bits left in the tank to resolve this detail ;)


Even with a reduction of level equivalent to 16bits in magnitude we see the Ultimate Preamplier has no problem and resolves it cleanly compared to the DEQX Premate which adds a lot of noise and distortion to the signal.

Tranquility Bass

Below is the real time capture of the Left and Right Channels at -90.31dBFS @ 1kHz 24 bit Wordlength

24 bit WL Separated.png

Below is the FFT Specturm of the output above (Note that any artifacts are buried below -160dB !!)

Spectrum 24bit WL -90dBFS.png