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Firmware Update: TBA
« on: May 13, 2021, 04:16:04 AM »
Firmware Version: TBA
Firmware release date: TBA
Tested On: UP2, UPP
Status: Testing
Added standby mode to Preamps configured as Slave Devices in Master/Slave setup.
For the microphone input converted single left channel to left + right channel for measurement purposes.
For the UPP fixed problem switching from 2-ch Preamp mode to Multi-Channel Direct mode and back again.
Matched level on 2-Ch Preamp mode which was 6dB lower than 2-Ch Direct DAC mode when playing DSD files via the 2-Ch USB interface.
For the RC testing menu have redefined the correct data fields to match the data packets.

Recommendations: To avoid unnecessary side effects after updating the firmware it is recommended to do a factory reset to initialize the non volatile memory to a known state. You should note the current settings before doing this as these will be cleared. This can be accessed from the front panel ie [Main Menu] -> [Setup] -> [Setup User] -> [Factory Default / Push Center Button]


How to upload firmware updates to the Ultimate Preamplifier

This firmware download link below:

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