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My 4 way Active
This is my own version of the Duntech Sovereign. Doesn't look anything like the Sovereign but based on on Dunlavy's Vertical Symmetrical Array with identical driver spacing to the Sovereign.

Using the Ultimate Preamp in a 6db crossover.

They sound SOOOO SWEET.

Thanks for a superb product Dave. My project wouldn't have been possible without the preamp.

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The beauty of building a modular speaker allows me to try different drivers in the MTM without having to build an entirely new speaker.

I have built another pair of MTM enclosures using the SEAS MCA12RC H1304 midrange units.

There is a significant difference between the ScanSpeak and the SEAS. They both sound great but the ScanSpeak has a slight edge on delicate voices. The ScanSpeak is also listed as a full range driver. The SEAS can handle a massive amount of power.

Crossover frequencies are different as well. This is where the Ulitmate preamp shines. I had the new MTM tuned and timed and running in about 3 hours.

Try doing that with a passive crossover.

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Having owned a pair of Sovereigns before, I can easily say these speakers far surpass anything I have heard. The more I listen the better they get and the more I fall in love with what they do. They do nothing wrong and everything right. The 4 way active has such a dynamic presence, there really is nothing they "wont play". They don't shy away when the dynamics demand power. Crystal clear full range with a massive sound stage and perfect imaging where vocals are right on the tip of your nose. Its not until you have listened to them for month and then gone to hifi shops and listened to the most expensive speakers they have with songs I know that nothing they have sounds right. Outstanding preamp Dave. Outstanding work too Mr Dunlavy.
It's what Dunlavy would have wished for before his departure Wink

I believe the Magnus speaker that Dunlavy had planned was going to be a fully active design using DSP.

It's good to see that someone else has continued on with his work Wink

In every case all the shop speakers (NO MATTER WHAT PRICE OR BRAND) are lacking in soul, they are thin in life and lack the dynamics that 8 amplifiers driving 8 independent perfectly matched time aligned drivers provide. They literally knock me over every time I put them on. They really are the BEST I have ever heard.

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