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Audioweaver Designer 6.18.01 now available
Audioweaver Designer 6.18.01 Standard Edition is now available for download.

If you are already using 6.17.01 there is no need to update the firmware as only the designer interface has changed.

If you are a registered user of Audioweaver you can download the latest version here:-

Audio Weaver Designer 6.18.01

   - Documentation added for BlockMedian module
   - New modules: All Danville Modules updated
   - Ability to lock / password-protect subsystems (locked subsystems show as beige)
   - Balance module accepts multichannel signals
   - "Measurements" added to Tools window (Plot Frequency and Phase response between two markers)
   - New filter types added to SOF modules (Hi/LoPass SOF w/ variable Q, Hi/LowPass Linkwitz-Reily)
   - New module: BlockStatisticsN
   - In Tools/Generate Target Files, new ability to create ModuleList.h and HeapSize.h for a specific AWD
   - Ability to set selected modules as Tunable which publishes their information in Generated Target Files
   - New module:  TriggeredPulse
   - Router Module accepts complex numbers
   - Improved documentation for the allpassdelayi and ci modules
   - New Module: Attack Decay Sustain Release
   - Improved documentation for WOLA Analysis and WOLA Synthesis
   - When creating a new layout, the default HW in/out channel count is inherited from current TargetInfo
   - WOLA and long-FIR moved to to Advanced Module Pack
   - OneShotPlayerFract32 now inherits block size and sample rate
   - Shortened Desktop Shortcut names for improved usability
   - NullSink module now supports multiple pins
   - Documentation updated: ATMEL SAMV71 Xplained Board Setup Guide
   - Documentation updated: Audio Weaver Module User's Guide
   - Documentation updated: Audio Weaver Server Command Syntax

   - Invalid modules can be added to the module path
   - Text properties of subsystem pins are not persisted
   - Step-size variable not used in sliders for some inspectors
   - Graphic EQ inspector doesn't show center frequencies
   - Block Statistics doesn't like other sample rates.
   - Sink inspector axis information is not persisted
   - Starting AWE Server does not work if last target was TCPIP and is no longer available
   - Reset button on running statistics doesn't work
   - Generate .AWS script check boxes are linked and they should be kept separate
   - MixerV3 Fract32 calculates wrong Output if gain >=1
   - In module-search/filter box, CTRL-A doesn't work
   - Sink module does not show display if object ID is assigned
   - Long file paths are messy on Layout Properties Window
   - Pro installer cannot generate TSF files
   - Move the Canvas Size menu-item from View to Layout
   - When Designer is run on a second monitor its dialogs pop up on the primary monitor.
   - When playing from a file and recording to a file, the number of channels recorded is taken from the soundcard
   - Attempting to open a non-AWD file as a layout locks up the GUI
   - ZeroSource module does not build when in a subsystem without pins
   - Target files not properly generated if there were multiple clockDividers in the layout
   - Inspector groups not working correctly when it contains modules from un-opened subsystems
   - Allow router inspector to be closed even if router module is deleted
   - Scaler modules with control pin start out with the wrong gain
   - ifft module doesn't accept blockSize of 2 in the input pin
   - Wire size not propagating correctly through MixedV3

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