Welcome to Analog-Precision, the home of the Ultimate-Preamplifier formerly known as the Hi-end DSP based multi-channel integrated Preamp/Crossover/DAC project as featured on DIYAUDIO. We at Analog-Precision are dedicated to the art and science of sound reproduction. We continue to push the envelope using the latest technologies available with the aim of making it available to people with the same goals as us !

You've probably seen or heard about the 50K-plus audio systems exhibited at the hi-end audio shows and dreamed about owning the same equipment in your own listening environment but just couldn't quite afford it. Well dream no more! Analog-Precision seeks to bridge the price-performance gap by producing a series of hi-end audio products without the hi-end audio price tags. Starting with our first product is the Ultimate-Preamplifier. This is a no-holds barred digital/analog preamplifer with the verstatility that meets and exceeds all of todays hi-end expectations in terms of performance and quality but without the excessive price tag.

Ultimate-Preamplifier B2 revision hardware is up and running !

Yes we recently got a small production run of the B2 revision boards made by our board assemblers and have been busy testing the hardware and finalizing the firmware. So-far so-good, everything is working to our expectations ! Find out more by clicking here.

Active Speakers for everyone !

There's a paradigm shift going on in the audio industry. A movement away from bulky and expensive passive crossover speaker designs with their inefficiencies and inaccuracies over to self contained precision digital active speakers using the latest DSP's and precision 32 bit DAC's. Precise crossover designs using linear phase crossovers can now be realized with the precision and accuracy of floating point digital signal processing ! No longer do you have to mortgage the home to own the best ! Our all-in-one offerings provides solutions from input to output without any additional design requirements. Whether it's standalone self-contained active speakers or a satellite design with a central control unit Analog-Precision provides a complete solution for your all of your needs












Last Updated February 13, 2017